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05 November 2016
Digital Forensics
I have taught digital forensics at the University of Washington (on and off) for the better part of a decade.  I have also been a guest speaker at several universities for longer than that.  One thing that I learned from the continuing education courses is that most of the students are already working adults with many already working in the IT industry, and I take advantage of their experience by incorporating it into the classroom. For example, I have had attorneys (prosecutors, ...
02 November 2016
Digital Forensics
Most people in the DF field know or know of Jimmy Weg.  His blog was/is one of the most popular in the community (http://justaskweg.com/), but like anyone, Jimmy has retired and will be retiring his blog.   However, he has offered the blog to be used by anyone until the domain expires.  I know that one DF assocation will be archiving the blog for its members and Jimmy graciously has allowed me to archive it as well for anyone to use as reference. Over the next weeks or so, I w...
01 November 2016
Digital Forensics
Not to get into the long history of WinFE, but rather focus on the course I created about 2 years ago…it’s time for an update to the course.  There have been almost 5,000 people that signed up for the online WinFE course since 2014.  WinFE has been taught everywhere since its inception, from colleges to federal forensic courses to everything in between.   Technology changes and with that, WinFE needs to be updated along with a second related topic to be included in the cours...

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