Swam with sharks.

Took off in more planes than I landed in.

Sailed in three of seven seas.

Climbed mountains on two continents.   

Walked on three of seven continents.

 Worked as a jailer in an old, smelly slammer.

Operated as an international undercover officer.

 Dined with crime bosses and partied with outlaw motorcycle gangs.

 Hired as a hitman, arms dealer, and drug smuggler.

More guns pulled on me than I would have preferred.

Busted doors down in SWAT raids.

Bought, sold, and seized over a ton of drugs.

Been shot at, cut, and beaten.

Pinned with a few medals as a cop and Marine.

Taught at a world-class university.

Drove really fast chasing felons.

Solved hundreds of criminal cases including some murders.

Testified as a court-qualified forensic expert across the USA.

Published a few books and writing more.


   Half of this was twice as exciting as it looks. The other half...not so much.  I'm not telling which is which.


All of this and Twitter still says no on being 'verified'...

I speak a little here and there..

I have given presentations from small groups in corporations to auditoriums with hundreds of attendees on the topics of digital forensics, criminal investigations, electronic discovery, and cyber-security.  

Generally, the location is open and I have presented throughout the USA, Canada, Asia, and the UK.  I look forward to presenting just about anywhere in the world.

For any engagement, I require:

  • $5,000 daily speaking fee within CONUS. $10,000 daily speaking fee OCONUS. 
  • Travel (Business or First Class)/Lodging/Meals
  • If your event is local and non-profit, I may present at reduced charge.

I limit myself to only a few events a year, so if you'd like me as a speaker, contact me as soon as possible.