Tech Editing is another one of those things I fell into without trying. I have only tech edited computer related (all are forensics/ediscovery) books. My 'editing' is primarily making sure the author got it right or hasn't missed something important, or could change some aspects to make the writing clearer. I'm not an 'editor' in the sense of a comma-checking-grammar-monster, but more of a fact/research checker. With that, I've been honored to be a part of some fantastic books. 

    Some of the books I have tech edited, I am listed in the book as a tech editor. That's pretty cool.  Other books, I'm not only not listed, but with some, I am completely invisible. I do not mind being the invisible editor to a good book and I leave it up to the author as to whether or not I am to be listed formally, informally, or not at all.

    If you need a tech editor for your book, I may be able to lend a hand if I have the time and expertise in your subject matter. Generally, if it is anything to do with digital forensics, electronic discovery, or investigations, I might be your guy. If not, I'll let you know, but you'll never know if you don't ask. Feel free and contact me for more information.  But if you are looking for a grammar-syntax-comma-checker, that's not me.  I'm here to make sure you got the tech content right.  And if you have been thinking about writing a book for years and just never got around to starting it, get started!