Another short-run sale

Elsevier - Snygress has another sale, but this time it is 50% off.  You have only a few days to take advantage of it (I am...).  There is a limit of two books, so if you were looking for a second book to add, how about this one:


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XWF Guide Review by Ken Pryor

Ken Pryor wrote a very in-depth review of the XWF Guide.   Ken has a very informative DF blog and we're glad to have been mentioned in such detail.  Thank you Ken for the nice review.

Check out Ken's review at:

And of course, here is a direct link to order the XWF Guide...

Xways-CoverFrom Amazon

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Want a free and signed copy of the XWF Guide? It's yours!


That's right, a free signed copy of the XWF Guide is yours, but only IF you can win the contest.

On a related note, check out Eric's interview on his ongoing imaging tests on YouTube.

And the winner is....

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Positive Feedback

So far, we've had a lot of positive feedback on the XWF Guide, so much so, that the second edition (should that happen) will have a few added things.  Like...a companion CD with sample data and slidedecks for classroom use.

However, before a second edition is started, this edition has to first be outdated by updates in XWF.

The bad news on a second edition is that we wrote the book to cover XWF for some time to come even with the expected updates that occur every month or so. That means a second edition isn't likely until we see a major change in XWF.

The good news on a second edition is that we wrote the book to cover XWF for some time to come even with the expected updates that occur every month or so.  That means this book will last you well into your expertise is solid with XWF.

For the college and university profs and instructors, we'd be glad to help review your slidedecks if you will be using the book in your course.  Potentially, we may be able to create a set of slidedecks (with help from those teaching) to make available to any schools using XWF).

[caption id="attachment_343" align="aligncenter" width="528"]XWF Do you teach XWF in your college class? We'd be happy to help your slidedecks with reviews and suggestions if you need.
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The XWF Guide aka, "going like hot cakes"

Not to put on any pressure, but I've been informed the XWF Guide is planned for reprint due to the preorder demand.  For those that preordered, that was a good idea, you may have your guide by now or it's in the mail.  For those that were waiting for the book to come out first instead of preordering, you may want to hurry.   I'm not sure how long it takes to reprint more books (that's like, beyond the guys that just type the words...).  Then again, you could always wait for the next go around for reprints...

Amazon still looks to have the best price, but only a few copies left before they have to order more.

The X-Ways Practitioner's Guide (Amazon)



Looks like most have received their preorders, and those that waited late might have to wait again for a reprint.  Direct link to Amazon - XWF Guide.
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Guess I'm not the only one with a Kindle...

Looks like more Kindle readers than paperback readers.   Then again, it's easier to have the Kindle at your desk than a stack of books when you are fighting through hex, decoding registry values, and spilling coffee on the desk.


Direct link to order the Kindle:  X-Ways Guide - Kindle

Direct link to order the old fashioned book:  X-Ways Guide - Book

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The X-Ways Forensics Practitioners Guide is available in Kindle!

It certainly feels like a long time has passed, but the time is finally here, at least for the Kindle. Order through Amazon and you can have the book on your Kindle in less than a minute. 

Although it feels like it took a long time (at least for me), Eric and I finished the book 6 months ahead of schedule.  If you don't have a Kindle, you can at least read the Introduction through the link below.  We hope (and know) this guide will be your best friend to your XWF dongle.

XWF Guide

Order from at  "X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide"

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Last day for the 40% discount on the XWF Guide!

This is one of those times that procrastinating will cost you money....


What will you tell yourself when you have to spend twice as much for the XWF Guide after tomorrow?









And shipping is free?  Wow.  Doesn't get much better than that. 


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40% Discount off the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide

The 30% has been updated to 40%!

From Syngress:

“Now through August 15th, Elsevier is offering 40% off all their books, including X-Ways Forensics Practitioners Guide (use this link: No promo code needed. Just follow the link, add to your cart and save big”

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A few more days...

Click to order your copy!

Word from the publisher:

book is going to print in a few days.

One of the benefits of this book is that it shows you how to use X-Ways in your cases, by practically showing which buttons to push to get what you need quickly,

The other aspects of the book show how X-Ways works. We show you how you can tweak it do exactly what you want and only what you want at the fastest speed possible.

To everyone who pre-ordered, you helped place the X-Ways Guide at the #7 spot of best sellers on Amazon (under Books > Law > Criminal Law > Forensic Science).


Order from

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