Thesis on WinFE, shared by Alex Van Ginkel

Very cool of Alex to share his work.  Thanks Alex!

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Alex van Ginkel Final Thesis MSc_27nov
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Integrated Scripts to WinFE

There are a few behind the scenes work on creating scripts to integrate forensic applications into WinFE.   This is substantial work for WinFE users as it reduces your effort to add programs during the build process.  Basically, a one button approach to add a forensic application.

But, before you wait for these scripts to be written, remember that you can add many programs without a script or additional work if the program is already portable (meaning, no need to install for it to run).  The best example of a full-fledged forensic suite is X-Ways Forensics.  Many small forensic applications are also portable and easily copied into a WinFE build.  The difference is, X-Ways Forensics is an entire forensic suite, not just one app.

Some forensic apps being worked on now to be put into WinFE may not be full forensic suites, but have a single powerful function that make it worthwhile. I won't break the news yet and will let the vendors have first crack.

On another note, last week, I helped a LE forensics detective set up a review platform with WinFE for other detectives in his department using X-Ways Investigator.

The problem:

--Detectives assigned to cases with electronic evidence, particularly illicit images evidence, wanted to do light review work for their cases.

--Reviewing any type of illicit images on a work machine only leads to that machine getting dirtied up.  Also, every detective had 'their own way' of setting up their computers.

--Detectives had no forensic training.

The solution:

--WinFE and X-Ways fixed both problems.

--Department purchased two licenses of X-Ways Investigator.

--A WinFE boot CD was made with X-Ways Investigator copied onto it.

--Detectives now boot their machine to WinFE, run X-Ways Investigator, and access the forensic images from an external drive.  All work is saved onto the external drive and their workstation remains clean.

--This also prevented the IT staff from the city panicking over installing 'unauthorized' software

--And of course, a copy of the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide was ordered for the detectives to use :)

[caption id="attachment_1010" align="aligncenter" width="121"]X-Ways Guide X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide









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Cool update to the XWFIM, Portable Install

Eric is at it again.  This time with a pretty cool update to the X-Ways Forensics Install Manager (v0.0.7.0).  The update to the XWFIM now includes an option to create a portable install to external media.   Page 13 of the Practitioner's Guide to X-Ways Forensics details how to do this manually, but XWFIM does it for you with a few clicks.

portable Easy enough


drive letter Cool! Notepad++ and Volume Label renamed.


result Bam! Done.


Another cool little feature is that the XWFIM creates all the case folders for you in the process of the portable install.  Neat.

folder I like this. Saves a few keystrokes and I'm all about saving keystrokes.


Don't forget, if you liked the Practitioner's Guide to X-Ways Forensics, write a review on Amazon to let us know how you liked it (or if you didn't...).  And if you use XWF and didn't buy the are missing out on more than a few tips and tricks that will save you dozens of keystrokes.

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X-Ways Forensics Install Manager

I cannot imagine anyone who uses XWF not having Eric Zimmerman's XWFIM.   Every time I use it, I wonder how I did without it.  XWFIM is available through the XWF support forum.  It's free, but you need a license for XWF to get it.

Eric constantly adds little things to it, much like Stefan adds 'little' things to X-Ways Forensics.  One of the latest little additions is the selection box to "Include pre-release versions" which is pretty cool.



And if you haven't bought the XWF Guide yet and you use the XWFIM, just click the book's graphic and you can have the guide on your Kindle in about 30 seconds.


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X-Ways Forensics Imaging Article

In case you missed an article on X-Ways Forensics Imaging (page 40), you can download a free copy of the issue of eforensicsmag here:

[caption id="attachment_471" align="aligncenter" width="379"]XWF Imaging You may like the WinFE article too...I know the guy that wrote that article...


The article is an overview of imaging with X-Ways Forensics, which is covered in more detail in the XWF Guide.   If you haven't bought the guide yet and are on the fence on whether XWF is right for you, check out the article on the one feature of imaging and I am sure you will not be on the fence anymore.

[caption id="attachment_347" align="aligncenter" width="243"]Xways-Cover I use this guide myself...and I was a coauthor!






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XWF Guide translations

There is a possibility that the XWF Guide may be translated into Chinese and Korean.  That would be pretty cool.  I can at least look at the pictures :)

Image  Image

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CyberCrime 2013 Symposium

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I'm heading to New Hampshire (first time there) to present on Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard.   Sounds like a pretty good conference and certainly could not be any further for me to travel in the entire country.  Literally, from one end to the other.  Looking for to the conference, come say hello if you are going to be there!


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X-PERT Certification Program

Been using X-Ways Forensics for a while now, have ya?  Been to an X-Ways training class?  Then consider getting certified by X-Ways as an expert (X-PERT) in XWF.


Be sure to set aside time, have your XWF Guide at your side, and dive right in.  It's a real forensics exam that if you pass, have a certificate that actually means you know what you are doing with X-Ways.

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A very kind review of Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard

From the Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law, Vol. 8(2).

Thanks for the review!

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Something else cool about XWF

Consider the differences between X-Ways v12 below:

v12 X-Ways Forensics version 12

With the current version 17:

X-Ways Forensics version 17 X-Ways Forensics version 17

They look the same!

XWF has had literally hundreds upon hundreds of significant updates over this time between v12 and v17, but the interface and usage remains constant.  Personally, I enjoy an update to a program that looks the same, the buttons are in the same place, and there are new features to use.  The last thing I want is a totally different interface, buttons where I have to hunt and peck to find or miss completely, or have to take another class from the vendor to be told how to use their new fandangle program.

It's nice to know that in 10 years, XWF will probably look the same, even though I know it will be able to do so much more then, I'll be able to use it without skipping a beat.

This is also the reason that the XWF Guide will carry you through the next many years without having to worry about a major change in operation of XWF.  What other manual or guide can say that?

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