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Last day for the 40% discount on the XWF Guide!

This is one of those times that procrastinating will cost you money....


What will you tell yourself when you have to spend twice as much for the XWF Guide after tomorrow?




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Some bad news and some good news on the XWF Guide...

The bad news first.  Forget the 30% discount. Image

Now the good news.....It is 40% off and no promo code needed!  Holy smokes!

From Syngress:

“Now through August 15th, Elsevier is offering 40% off all their books, including X-Ways Forensics Practitioners Guide (use this link: No promo code needed. Just follow the link, add to your cart and save big”


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Chapter 3 is in tech review!

We just submitted our biggest chapter yet (over 60 pages!) to our technical editor. Once he is done with it, its off to the publisher!

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X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide is coming!

Eric Zimmerman and Brett Shavers have started writing the "X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide", due out toward the end of year 2013.

Check back as to when the guide will be available.   This guide intends to be the source of using X-Ways Forensics.

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