• October 2017
  • From October 22, 2017 15:00 until October 22, 2017 18:00
    An intense course in Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard to cover a high level topics and relate to case studies. Learn a tip or two that may help you with a difficult case on one of the most important aspects of DFIR work - placing the suspect behind the keyboard (or mobile device). A few real case studies will be discussed to illustrate some of the tips of working cases where tying a suspect to a computing device may be a key issue, which should be in nearly every investigation. The presentation is only about an hour, so it will be fast-paced, and at a high level to get as much information across in a short time as possible. You can check out the books I wrote on this topic to get an idea of what we will be discussing. The cases discussed are varied (cyberstalking to murder).
  • November 2017
  • From November 03, 2017 08:00 until November 04, 2017 17:00
    At San Diego, CA, USA
    A two-day workshop of innovative and traditional techniques to investigate computer-facilitated crimes with the intention of placing the suspects behind the keyboard. Workshop integrates both cyber investigations (forensics) and traditional investigation methods into a complete process of working criminal investigations by thinking inside and outside the CPU. The course includes hard copies of the Syngress books Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard and Hiding Behind the Keyboard.
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