CTIN 2016 Digital Forensics Conference

From March 14, 2016 until March 14, 2016
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I will be presenting "Breaking Anonymity".  The presentation targets finding covert and anonymous communications when suspects are using methods such as Tor and electronic dead drops.  I will give some high level Tor discussion as an intro to Tor as a comparison to other means of covert communications with methods to lawfully intercept them.  Much of the information presented is based off the books "Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard" and "Hiding Behind the Keyboard."

If you have not been to a CTIN conference, consider attending. And if you have never been to a police academy, this is your choice to spend 3 days at the police academy without being a police recruit.


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If you want to hire me as a speaker..

I have given presentations from small groups in corporations to auditoriums with hundreds of attendees on the topics of digital forensics, criminal investigations, electronic discovery, and cyber-security.  

Generally, the location is open and I have presented throughout the USA and Canada. I look forward to presenting just about anywhere in the world.

For any engagement, I require:

  • $1500 daily speaking fee (fee varies depending on specifics)
  • Travel/Lodging/Meals
  • If your event is local and non-profit, I may present at reduced charge.

I limit myself to only a few events a year, so if you'd like me as a speaker, contact me as soon as possible.