Cell Phones in the Family

From June 23, 2016 19:00 until June 23, 2016 20:30
Categories: Presentation
Tags: Public, Free

I'll be giving a public presentation (free to everyone) at the Newport Way Library in Bellevue, Washington on Cell Phones in the Family.  I will give guidance on the dangers cell phones and mobile devices posed for children related to sexting, inappropriate use, and how mobile devices can endanger children by hackers and those attempting to lure children from homes.  You will see how a teen's use of a mobile device can affect college admissions, employment, and safety on the road.

More importantly, I will discuss how families can use cell phones safely and reduce the risk of pitfalls associated with inappropriate use. With plenty of real life examples, you will be more able to make reasonable and safe family rules for cell phone use.

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