Webinar (FREE) - Placing the Suspect Behind Keyboard : Tips and case studies

From October 17, 2017 11:00 until October 17, 2017 11:30
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A cram course in Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard to cover a few high level topics and relate to a case study.  Engage with questions, learn a tip or two that may help you with a difficult case, and enjoy the conversation on one of the most important aspects of DFIR work - Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard.

A couple of real case studies will be discussed to illustrate some of the tips of working cases where tying a suspect to a computing device may be a key issue, which should be in nearly every investigation.  The webinar is planned to run only 30 minutes, so it will be fast-paced, and at a high level to get as much information across in a short time as possible.  You can check out the books I wrote on this topic to get an idea of what we will be discussing.  (The time zone is Pacific Daylight Time).

Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard:  http://brettshavers.cc/index.php/books/placing-the-suspect-behind-the-keyboard

Hiding Behind the Keyboard:  http://brettshavers.cc/index.php/books/hiding-behind-the-keyboard 

I will be your presenter and look forward to seeing you online!

Brett Shavers

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